55 percent of adult population in Greater Washington Click here.

55 percent of adult population in Greater Washington, DC say they will not get H1N1 flu vaccine, reveals poll results Board of Trade Concerned for Workforce Health and Economic Implications Fifty-five % of the adult people in the higher Washington, DC region claim they’ll not get the H1N1 flu vaccine, according to a new poll commissioned by the Greater Washington Table of Trade. The poll, carried out by Washington, DC-centered Clarus Analysis Group and sponsored by Tatum LLC, found that a lot more than one-third of parents with children living at home do not anticipate getting the H1N1 flu vaccine this year. ‘The Greater Washington business community has a long way to go to be better prepared for a swine flu outbreak,’ stated Jim Dinegar, president and CEO of the higher Washington Board of Trade Click here .

Most of that development occurred among men aged 25 to 64. In the meantime, ‘cycling rates have remained continuous for women and have fallen among kids,’ Vargo’s team said. Those trends appear to be reflected in bike accident-related fatality rates, also. The analysis showed that 30 almost,000 cyclists passed away between 1975 and 2012, and overall, the number of cyclists killed each full year fell from a high of 955 in 1975 to 717 in 2012. But while death prices for cyclists younger than 15 fell by 92 % between 1975 and 2012, there is a large upsurge in death prices for cyclists between your age range of 35 to 74, the report said. The biggest rise in bike-related deaths occurred among cyclists aged 35 to 54, Vargo’s team said, with the rate almost tripling between 1975 and 2012.