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Now try to remember to keep personal what to yourself as well! Remind children often about the types of products they ought never to share with others. 3.Cover your mouth area when you sneeze or cough. In a similar vein, great personal hygiene contains not merely personal cleanliness, but also the age-aged practice of covering the mouth area when you cough or sneeze. How come this important if you aren't sick? For most infections, the disease-causing microbe has already started dividing and growing a long time before any symptoms begin to show.Apnea spells become much less frequent with age. In the NICU, all premature babies are monitored for apnea spells. Dealing with apnea is often as simple as carefully stimulating the newborn to restart breathing. However, when apnea occurs frequently, a baby may necessitate medication and/or a special nasal device that blows a reliable stream of air into the airways to maintain them open. Anemia Many preemies lack the amount of red blood cells essential to carry sufficient oxygen to the body. This complication, known as anemia, is easily diagnosed through tests. These tests may determine the severe nature of the anemia and the real number of new reddish bloodstream cells being produced. Preemies may develop anemia for a true number of reasons.