AACC receives $6.

AACC receives $6.6M grant to invest in development of open-source delivery system for healthcare careers American Association of Community Colleges to Spearhead Healthcare Virtual Career System The U.S. Section of Labor today announced that the American Association of Community Colleges will get a $6. The initiative is part of a larger $14 million healthcare career grant package certified by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 and builds on existing resources and brand-new technology to set a new standard for profession exploration and expand possibilities for healthcare careers.The problem was to locate a way to obtain additional insulin to the mind but not to the body. The solution was a particular device made by Kurve Technology that delivers a spray of insulin deep into the nose. From there the hormone travels along the road of nerves in to the brain. Now Dr. Craft wants to test insulin in a much more extensive study again. It is too soon to state if the treatment is even safe, she said. And individuals would need a special device to get it deep into the nose.