ACAAI president open to comment on College Usage of Emergency Epinephrine Act Dr.

Fineman can discuss the importance of immediate access to epinephrine, the first-line treatment for an allergic emergency or anaphylactic reaction. Delay in dealing with these reactions can have serious consequences including death. Recent deaths of teens in Illinois and Georgia, who did not have immediate usage of epinephrine, underscore the importance of immediate treatment and the passing of this legislation. Colostrum is nature’s ideal first meals – – the pre-milk substance created from all mammals at birth that gives a perfect mix of immune and growth factors to insure the health, vitality, and growth. APS BioGroup just uses high-quality initial milking bovine colostrum collected within 16 hours after the birth of the calf.WHAT: AAPS is very happy to present the workshop on Particular Dosage Forms – What’s New with In Vitro Medication Release? This event will show medication release methodologies to judge the product performance for particular dosage forms and offer opportunities for the participants to connect to the faculty in panel discussions. WHY: The purpose of this workshop is to engage scientists working in academia, sector, and regulatory companies in a discussion of special dosage forms such as, buccal, topical, ophthalmic, inhalation, stent, and nanoparticles and in vitro launch methodology to test the key overall performance of the formulation. WHEN/WHERE: November 7-8, 2009 Los Angeles Convention Center Los Angeles, CA.

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