According to data published in Tumor Discovery.

ATM gene mutations may increase hereditary risk for pancreatic cancer Mutations in the ATM gene might increase the hereditary risk for pancreatic malignancy, according to data published in Tumor Discovery, the newest journal of the American Association for Tumor Research. Pancreatic tumor is one of the most morbid cancers, with significantly less than 5 % of these diagnosed with the condition surviving to five years generic viagra online . Approximately ten % of patients result from families with multiple cases of pancreatic cancer. There was significant reason to believe this clustering was due to genetics, but we had not, to this point, been able to find the causative genes that explained the cluster of pancreatic cancer tumor for a majority of these families, said business lead writer Alison Klein, Ph.D., associate professor of oncology at the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins and director of the National Familial Pancreas Tumor Registry.

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