ADHD in ladies portends continuing complications.

ADHD in ladies portends continuing complications, through early adulthood Girls with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder – and their families – often anticipate the likely decline in visible symptoms such as fidgety or disruptive behavior because they mature into adolescent women. However, new results from UC Berkeley caution that, because they enter adulthood, ladies with histories of ADHD are even more susceptible to internalize their struggles and emotions of failure – a development that can manifest itself in self-injury and actually attempted suicide. ‘Like boys with ADHD, girls continue to have problems with academic achievement and romantic relationships, and need special solutions as they enter early adulthood,’ stated Stephen Hinshaw, UC Berkeley professor of psychology and lead author of a report that reports after a decade on the largest-ever sample of girls whose ADHD was initially diagnosed in childhood .

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