AIDS Research Middle earns $7.

AIDS Research Middle earns $7 .5 million grant renewal The University of Alabama at Birmingham Center for AIDS Study has won a $7.5 million grant to continue its work in the research, avoidance and treatment of human immunodeficiency virus and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome .The renewal grant from the National Institutes of Health confirms UAB’s place among an elite group of 20 CFARs nationwide where doctors and scientists are engaged in basic, clinical, epidemiologic, behavioral and translational research to improve detection and treatment of HIV. HIV infects more than 30 million globally; during the past year a lot more than 2 million worldwide died from AIDS, which is caused by the virus.

At the International AIDS Meeting this week, numerous studies are examining how heart disease, thinning bones and a listing of other health problems typically observed in the senior years appear to hit many people who have HIV when they’re only in their 50s . The Washington Post: AGEING With HIV The problems of managing as well as preventing HIV among older Americans were a major theme at the 19th International AIDS Conference in Washington this week, which closes Friday with a speech by former president Bill Clinton . McClatchy Papers: What Science Can’t Yet Treat: HIV’s EFFECT ON Minorities, Poor For all the strides made against HIV, the virus that triggers AIDS, science and medicine alone can’t end an epidemic that impacts vulnerable populations disproportionately: minorities, teenagers, poor people and the ones who lack usage of health care.