ASBMB honors UMMS professor with 2011 William C.

‘Melissa Moore is certainly a paradigm for the Rose Award,’ said UMMS chairman and professor C. Robert Matthews in nominating Moore. ‘She is a superb scientist, a caring mentor and a good colleague. When she perceives a want – from her college students, her colleagues or her organization – she always steps forwards to fill that need.’ Moore, who arrived at UMMS only a few years ago now is a co-director of its RNA Therapeutics Institute, offers led and initiated several programs there that may affect the development of translational research, Matthews said. Intrigued by enzymes while working on her undergraduate thesis at the College of William and Mary, the Virginia native put on only one school for graduate research – the Massachusetts Institute of Technology – and continued to make her doctorate in biological chemistry and full postdoctoral research there.Research shows that meditation can alter human brain function in positive methods and help individuals with chronic illness. An essential component of meditation is removing distractions. You can’t text while meditating. Because of this week’s CBS Doc Dot Com, I visited Dharma Punx NYC, an alternative Buddhist meditation and dharma community, and spoke with its leader, Josh Korda.

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