Elizabeth Adams.

At that time, around two thirds of the full total predicted person-years of follow-up between enrollment and the 24-month study visit had been completed. The study definitively showed that the DNA/rAd5 vaccine routine did not reduce either HIV-1 acquisition or the viral-load set stage, in comparison with placebo. Although the greater loss to follow-up in the placebo group experienced borderline significance, the result regarding vaccine efficacy had not been sensitive to this differential . The usage of antiretroviral prophylaxis was infrequent and didn’t appear to affect the results. The between-group differences in the number of HIV-1 infections in the week 28+ primary analysis and the total number of infections in the modified intention-to-treat analysis were not significant.The federal government is certainly going overboard in its attempts to prevent biopiracy and apparently, some say, making an example out of van Roosmalen. This is all well and good. But this content is essentially a rehash of 1 that appeared in Nature three weeks ago. As anyone who functions for scientific journals knows, that is par for the course. Articles that come in Nature and Science come out slightly modified in papers like the Situations routinely. And Perhaps that’s fair enough. But my complaint here’s that nowhere in this article is the acknowledgement that Nature first reported the story. I’ll let the irony wash over you. P.S. We particularly just like the picture that ran with the right times article of the snake. Very eye-catching.. 5-year-previous British autistic boy dies after substitute therapy in U.S.