In addition to a member of the faculty at the UK Sanders-Brown Center on Aging.

Norris has been called the main investigator on a fresh NIH award totaling $1,498,423 over a period of 5 years, to keep this type of research on Alzheimer's disease.. Activated astrocytes could play a harmful function in Alzheimer’s disease A research team composed of University of Kentucky researchers has published a paper which provides the first direct evidence that activated astrocytes could play a harmful function in Alzheimer's disease. The UK Sanders-Brown Center on Aging in addition has received significant brand-new National Institutes of Health funding to further this line of research.Light therapy means shining blue light onto an individual for 15 minutes at a right time twice weekly, usually for four weeks. This treatment can be expenses, running about $150 per treatment. Not all individuals have had good results, but some have. Also since light in this wavelength is not harmful to the skin, there are no unwanted effects or after effects. Some people believe that acne is due to poor hygiene and by eating certain foods. There is absolutely no scientific evidence linking diet to acne. But a good diet sure won’t hurt in skin repair and damaged tissues. Good personal hygiene goes quite a distance in your acne treatment also. Also using makeup it doesn’t clog pores aids in preventing the spread of bacteria and acne from getting worse.