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Treatment of those animals with an investigational PI3K inhibitor did result in rapid tumor regression. Since previous studies suggested that PI3K inhibition might block K-Ras-induced tumor advancement also, the investigators tested the PI3K inhibitor in mice with K-Ras-stimulated tumors also. That treatment was ineffective, but since K-Ras activates the MEK/ERK signalling pathway also, the animals were treated by the researchers with an investigational MEK inhibitor and with a combined mix of both drugs. Treatment with the MEK inhibitor only caused only a modest reduction in tumor size, but combined treatment with both agents caused the K-Ras-stimulated lung tumors to practically vanish.Implementation Guides are created to supply infection preventionists with useful, how-to information and on the web tools and resources that encompass the latest study and regulatory requirements. Open access ensures that this information, critical to the treatment of patients, is available to the widest possible audience.

Advocates warn about impact on medical research while debate about automatic cuts continues Supporters of the National Institutes of Health argue that an anticipated $1.6 billion cut would undermine research in cancer, aIDS and heart, while increasing economic and unemployment woes. LA Times: Home Republicans Remain Torn Over Automatic Spending budget Cuts Democrats appear to have embraced [Obama's] call for a balanced approach, believing Americans prefer that to the austerity steps proposed by Republicans, according to Senate aides who asked not to be identified so they could talk about the internal discussions.