released in Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics.

Airport security scanners might impact function of insulin pump or CGM devices Full-body or X-ray scanners used for airport terminal security screening may influence the function of insulin pump or continuous glucose monitoring devices viagra . People with diabetes can present a travel letter acquired from their physicians to avoid possible harm caused by exposure to imaging apparatus in airports. The risk to these sensitive devices posed by scanners and the low-pressure circumstances on airplanes are the focus of the Editorial ‘Navigating Airport Protection with an Insulin Pump and/or Sensor,’ released in Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics, a peer-examined journal from Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers.

The government asked the IOM to study the current caps. Violations of current limitations are common and residents complain seldom, the committee found. While standard of living offers improved, there’s still a lot of burnout. And despite one study that found occupants made more mistakes while working much longer shifts, patient basic safety depends upon so many elements that it’s impossible to tell yet if the caps helped that problem, the report said. So that it also recommends: Experienced physicians should even more closely supervise residents. Better overlap of schedules during change changes to reduce chances for mistake as one doctor hands patients’ care to the next. Increase mandatory days off each month, and expand hours off between shifts depending on how long the resident worked, during night or day.