S Ministry of Health roll out cervical cancer screening to all women by 2020.

It gets the technology and the knowledge, along with the dedication of the Ministry of Wellness in Uganda to support the drive to create a national cervical malignancy screening programme across 80 centres – if the mandatory additional funding could be generated. Tumor of the cervix is the biggest reason behind death from cancer among women in the united states with over 2,400 women dying from the disease, and over 3,500 diagnosed with it, each year.Widely acknowledged as experts in cell culture, AMSBIO partners with customers in tailoring cell systems to improve screening outcomes and eventual prognosis. With a range of molecular detection reagents, and a substantial Biorepository the company can also provide tissue DNA, RNA, protein and microarray products. Key research areas for the products consist of: Oncology, Regenerative Medication, Environmental Analysis, Cytotoxicity Screening, Glycomics and Stem Cell Biology.

5 Faculty members at Stanford medical school disciplined San Jose Mercury News: Stanford Medical Faculty Disciplined By School Five faculty members in Stanford University’s School of Medicine have been disciplined for giving paid promotional speeches for medication companies, a direct violation of school plan.