S survival and the fix of DNA damage.

These findings, published today in The EMBO Journal, suggest that not merely addition but also removal of ADP-ribose from proteins is vital for regular cell function. Poly chains have essential roles in the restoration of cellular DNA damage, as well as in the control of gene expression and cell death. Pharmacological medicines called PARP inhibitors prevent the addition of ADP-ribose or ADP-ribose polymers to proteins. Several of these drugs are undergoing medical trials for the treatment of various kinds of cancers.‘Uranium is a widespread contaminant. And we are creating this nagging problem by creating a primary contaminant leading to a second one,’ study writer Karrie Weber, an associate professor of biological, earth and atmospheric sciences at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, stated in a university news release. ‘Both of these aquifers are economically essential – – they play a significant role in feeding the country – – but they’re also important for health.