Services Provided

Greenline Waste and Recycling offers residential curbside solid waste and optional recycling services to the following:
• Communities that are not provided with city services.
• Mobile home communities throughout the Phoenix Metropolitan area.
• Bulky item pick-ups to help eliminate the clutter from your home.
• Special pricing for Home Owners Associations.

“The only thing we have to sell is service! It’s not a complicated process; we are passionate about exceeding your service expectations with honest prices and friendly service.”

Greenline Waste and Recycling has automated collection vehicles with the latest safety equipment including back up cameras, back up sensors, two-way radios, and lighter, single wheel base trucks for less wear and tear on your community streets.

Don’t need a large container? Greenline offers 95 gallon containers, 65 gallon containers, and in specific areas, we do it the old fashion way, we throw it by hand.

Simple, safe, friendly service; we look forward to pleasing you!