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Unofficial reviews indicate this disorder might be more frequent in the Indian subcontinent, Arabia, and New Zealand. Although a progressive disease usually, recent data shows that it stabilizes after time in most sufferers, and that treatment with rigid contact lenses is successful for many. Ten to 20 % of keratoconus patients in america receive corneal transplants to restore their vision eventually. Co-investigators Mohan Rajan, MD, and Sujatha Mohan, MD, of the Rajan Eyes Care Medical center, India, studied collagen crosslinking in 48 patients , aged 12 to 48 years, who got progressive keratoconus. The collagen crosslinking technique, developed in recent years, is under research for the treating several eyes disorders.This will demand you to undergo surgical solutions to remove remaining embryo. Begin Taking the Abortion Pill You shall be asked to intake Mifepristone pills by not swallowing, but letting it dilute when placed under tongue. Maintain it in position for about 30 minutes, and then ingest the content. This process may be on repeat for the full day with the interval of 3 hours. The tablet shall break uterus lining by stopping progesterone. Today, like how you ingested Mifepristone, follow the same for Misoprostol. This buy online abortion pills can sometimes be taken vaginally. Within few hours you’ll get side effects, and fetus shall commence disintegrating.