The combination produces the premier radiation oncology company.

Over another 12 months we plan to make adjustments with the goal of achieving combined working expense savings of $25 million in fiscal year 2013, with nearly all savings from corporate marketing and overhead.’ With the closing of the purchase, Accuray’s installed base raises from 226 to more than 550 Systems, installed in 32 countries. Accuray’s total number of employees doubles to a lot more than 1,000 worldwide. Corporate headquarters shall stay in Sunnyvale, California, but the organization will maintain a significant presence in Madison, Wisconsin, where TomoTherapy’s headquarters were located.At the last follow-up, 2261 individuals were free from disease. The the different parts of the composite end point of recurrence all showed the same trend as that reported for the entire end point of disease recurrence . More detailed analyses of every of the components were not possible, however, due to the few events. Node-Negative, No-Adjuvant-Therapy Cohort vs. Node-Positive, No-Adjuvant-Therapy Cohort The unadjusted 5-year rate of disease-free survival in the node-positive, no-adjuvant-therapy cohort was significantly reduced as compared with that in the node-negative, no-adjuvant-therapy cohort . Patients with isolated tumor cells who didn’t receive adjuvant therapy got a significantly reduced 5-year price of disease-free survival in comparison with patients in the node-unfavorable, no-adjuvant-therapy cohort , and patients with micrometastases who did not receive adjuvant therapy had a significantly reduced 5-year rate of disease-free survival in comparison with sufferers in the node-negative, no-adjuvant-therapy cohort .