Today announced the commercial availability of Epoprostenol for Injection.

Unlike various other epoprostenol formulations, Epoprostenol for Injection is certainly stable at room temperatures for up to 24 hours when diluted and put into the pump for administration, eliminating the necessity for ice packs. Related StoriesLenvatinib trial offers expect thyroid malignancy patientsUsing breath assessments to diagnose liver illnesses: an interview with Larry CohenKidney failure predictors in adolescents: an interview with Dr. Per-Ola SundinAccredo Health Group, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Medco Health Solutions, Inc., will serve as the only real specialty pharmacy supplier of Epoprostenol for Injection. ‘The start of Epoprostenol for Injection provides patients with a proven therapy that is clearly a convenient treatment choice,’ said Shal Jacobovitz, president of Actelion Pharmaceuticals US, Inc.’ ‘Patients with late-stage PAH are really ill and also have little energy, therefore a therapy that’s practical could make a big difference in their daily lives,’ stated Vallerie McLaughlin, M.D., Professor and Director of the Pulmonary Hypertension Plan at the University of Michigan.Research Oversight The data and safety monitoring board examined trial data a year twice, with prespecified interim review articles of efficacy and safety. The protocol was approved by the nationwide regulatory authorities in the participating countries and by the institutional review panel or independent ethics committee at each participating site. The authors vouch for the completeness and precision of the data offered and for the fidelity of the study to the process. End Points The principal efficacy end point was the %age of participants with an unfavorable outcome by 24 months following the end of treatment. This composite end result included treatment failure , recurrence , and loss of life or withdrawal from the study through the treatment phase. Treatment failure and recurrence were thought as positive results of two consecutive sputum cultures at least 1 day apart.