Wasrm workers with an increased risk of infection with animal influenza virusesfarmers.

The paper is. This week in Clinical Infectious Diseases ‘Pigs play a role in the transmission of influenza virus to humans,’says NIAID Director Anthony S. MD ‘The concern is, if a pig was simultaneously infected with both a human and an avian influenza virus, genes from these viruses could reassemble into a new virus that could be transmitted and cause disease in humans. ‘.. Wasrm workers with an increased risk of infection with animal influenza virusesfarmers, veterinarians and meat processors who are routinely in contact with pigs in their jobs an increased risk of infection with flu viruses that infected infected, according to a study funded in in part by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases , one of the National Institutes of Health .

Swine influenza infections generally produce mild or no symptoms in both pigs and humans, however, resulted exposure to swine flu virus at a 1988 Wisconsin county fair in serious illness for 50 swine exhibitors and three of his family;. , a previously healthy infection infection was.

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