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Webb paints a picture of nutrition concerns around the world with the finding that malnutrition with about half of the premature deaths associated with children. ‘It is vital to understand that nutrition and the treatment of malnutrition in itself is one of the most important elements to solving deaths news . ‘ – ‘We are making progress, but there are still major problems,’Webb says. To fight malnutrition succeed, believes Webb policies thattervention programs to address issues and processes instead have to be included in the development debate. ‘Programs, all aspects of malnutrition and wasting, stunting, micronutrients, and obesity. Moreover industry should protect investments countries countries have laws empowerment. ‘.

Public health nutrition professionals have faced many persistent challenges when it comes to malnutrition. These problems include creating interventions mothers during early pregnancy and child reached at the age of two, promoting exclusive breastfeeding as a means to improve nutrition, the problem of iron deficiency anemia, obesity prevention and the solution of malnutrition in countries that may provide the capacity is weakest and funding is negligible. We must ensure that actions are mutually reinforcing, it is not just the reduction of poverty, it is not only growing more food Tackling underweight among children requires policies Programs and policies do exactly we need appropriate measures in all areas. .

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