Whats the reason for this severe blistering disorder and how should it be treated?

A teenager with a blistering skin eruption Test thoroughly your diagnostic skills in our regular dermatology quiz. What’s the reason for this severe blistering disorder and how should it be treated? Case presentation An 18-year-aged man presents with a three-month history of a severe itchy, blistering eruption involving his trunk, higher limbs and oral mucosa . He had been previously well. At first presentation, skin swabs had been taken and demonstrated Staphylococcus aureus. The patient have been treated with two programs of oral flucloxacillin, but the eruption hasn’t improved. What is the probably diagnosis?The meeting will include panels and presentations with an increase of than 20,000 scientists, people coping with HIV and policy-makers in attendance. The meeting aims to determine how to turn scientific improvements into practical protections, making useful additions to those tried-and-true condoms. There is no remedy or vaccine however for HIV, but researchers say they possess the tools to finally stem the pass on of the intractable virus – largely by using treatment not simply to save lots of patients but to create them less infectious, too. There is no doubt, that our progress in the last 30 years has been impressive, but keeping the status quo is merely not enough, Dr. Diane Havlir, U.S. Co-chair of AIDS 2012 and professor of medicine at the University of California, SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, said in a statement.